Hi there!

Interested in making business with Oh Joy, Sex Toy? Awesome! We’ve had quite a bit of interest in all parts of the site, so we’ve gone and laid out some of the topics that keep coming up!

Want to advertise with us?

Great! OJST runs Two ads at the moment.

All our Ad’s are hand picked for quality of product and service. If your interested in buying Ad space with us please email Joseph Stillwell our advertisement operator at Hiveworks.com

Want your toy reviewed?

Drop Matthew an email! We’re not open to reviewing every toy under the sun and we will be picky. But if we’re interested and you send us the toy here’s what you can expect:

-The review will take a while; we like to keep a buffer of completed comics done (sometimes a month ahead at a time) and have ALOT of toys to review. Keeping in mind we can only get 4 comics done a month; we’re estimating the review will go up anywhere between 2-6 months after we get the toy.

-We will make an honest review comic of your product, for better or for worse.

-In the blog post we’ll link/mention your company with thanks.

Want us to become affiliated with you?

Great! We love affiliate plans, drop Matthew an email! We’re currently inundated with affiliate offers, so are prioritizing the ones with product review programs or substantial percentages. We’re also pretty picky with regards to quality and respectability (you have to have a well know, good looking website with good friendly service before we affiliate with you).

Want to syndicate Erika’s reviews onto your site?

We’re happy to have Erika’s work spread across the internet! But we also don’t get any kind of revenue unless readers land at our site. To balance that out, we charge a small fee of the comic’s that you might want to post, and call this Syndication. We’re picky about who we bring on board as syndicates but if you’re interested in syndicating with us, please email Matthew! The way it works is that we send all our Syndication-clients the comic before it goes up on Oh Joy, Sex Toy and you can then decide if you want to post it. You then pay for every comic you decide to put up. We won’t be editing or making comics to suit your site; your only interaction is to decide whether to post it as-is or not.

You have an amazing idea for a comic…

Fantastic! We love ideas, but we’re not interested in doing free work at the moment; if you’re keen on paying for something separate of Oh Joy, Sex Toy, please visit ErikaMoen.com and email Erika with regards to freelance work, but please keep in mind that OJST is currently her full time job.

In Conclusion…

Thank you for considering to do business with us! If there’s some business you want to talk about that’s not listed, feel free to drop Matthew an email! Also, emails not relating to business endeavors are not wanted and will be binned. We’re not seeking feedback at this point in time!