Ok, so, lemme start off by saying that NiteTimeToys did not ask me to write this, I just genuinely want to tell you about them. One of the great things about launching OJST just two weeks ago is that my husband and I have now had the opportunity to work with and form affiliation relationships with a ton of awesome sex toy retailers and specifically we’ve been absolutely blown away by the personal, human treatment we’ve received from NiteTimeToys.

For instance, that screencapture above? They went and put together a special landing page on their site and made a 10% off discount code just for OJST readers– and that was all their own idea! They went to all that trouble of picking out and editing my art to make it work on their site and look really friendly and appealing and, honestly, I’m actually really touched they went to so much effort. It looks really good!

I dunno, I’ve been doing comics for fifteen years now and the last five I’ve tried mostly in vain to get my books carried in sex shops (with two exceptions! One is closed now and the other is the super delightful Early To Bed in Chicago) and now to have a company go out of their way to reach out to Matthew and me and set up a landing page and discount code just to appeal to our readers, well, it’s pretty flattering and validating, honestly!

So anyway, I just wanted to tell you, my dear perverts, about what NiteTimeToys is offering you guys– enter “OhJoy” at checkout to get 10% off your purchase!

And yeeeeeeeees, OJST has an affiliation with them, so if you buy anything after clicking on our special affiliation link, Matthew and I get a small cut of the purchase, so of course there’s the part of me that wants to make money– but honestly, for reals, I’m never, ever going to be anything less than 100% honest in my comics and blog posts when I tell you about a toy or a company. I genuinely care about this stuff and want to share my experiences with people– and hey, if I can make a couple bucks along the way for saying what I was going to say anyway, well, bonus!

Hope you enjoy :)