More and more of you have been wanting to post Oh Joy Sex Toy comics onto your social networks and websites, which is a wonderful compliment, but not great for us– if we don’t protect how our images are used, we lose the copyrights to them and we lose money when they’re reposted off our site.

On this page we’re laying out what exactly you can do with our comics and when you need to get in contact.

What can I post for FREE and without contact?

What must I email and PAY for?

  • If you want to post any of the comics on Oh Joy Sex Toy (whether it be social media or website), you MUST email Matthew and be prepared to pay a fee for a one time licence.

Woops I already posted it, what do I do?

  • If you don’t have a licence, remove the comic! Replace it with a free preview graphic and email Matthew, there’s a chance you will have to pay for the time the comic was live on your site!

We love making our comic and want to keep making it. By ensuring you check in with us before posting any of the comics, you ensure we get the chance to protect our work and continue we get paid for doing it.