EDIT: Oh man HoneyGift did NOT work out for us, lovely people, but a faulty affiliate scheme! Feel free to shop with them, just don’t expect to see them on our site any more =(

Guys I’ve finally done it: after many emails from you guys, I’ve added a new Affiliate based in Canada to the site.

Please welcome Honey Gifts to Oh Joy, Sex Toy.

This lovely bunch of sex toy aficionados got in contact with us a few months ago and sent us a toy to try (review coming in the next few months). Super friendly, great inventory, fast shipping and fantastic contact: we were smitten, and started work on getting an affiliation set up to add them to the site.

I took it as a chance to overhaul our purchase buttons a bit, and at the same time add in Lovehoney’s UK store, and amazon.ca (amazon.co.uk turned us down due to too much sexy content!). So now all the applicable comics have updated buttons, and options for you international bunch!