This was a really fun and massive thing to deconstruct into a comic and, obviously, we were not able to show case EVERY kind of cuckolding scenario. There’s so many different facets and ways in which people try cuckolding, hotwifing/hothusbanding/hotspousing, BDSM, polyamory, and open marriages. This comic is all about this trio and how THEY live it, not a blueprint for every cuckolding relationship out there.

If you’re interested in this kink, it’s best to really spend a bunch of time looking at a bunch of different places, look at how others are practicing it and then come up with your own recipe, all the while communicating with each other thoroughly. There’s no CORRECT way to do this – find your own path!

To help you along the way: we’ve been recommended a fictional erotic book by Cara McKenna, called Crosstown Crush. We’ve been told it does an amazing job of showcasing a positive, healthy cuckolding relationship in a really hot way. We’ve been looking at some of Cara’s books with the intent to review them eventually, and what we’ve seen so far has been STELLAR – so knowing she’s got a good cuckolding one out, well, we fully recommend you picking it up if you want to learn or dive deeper into this kink.

The comic was a beast and we’re both really proud of it! It came out good, I think! It’s a good bake, Mary.

EDIT 4/7/17
Apologies and Moving Forward
Matt and I dropped the ball and we so sincerely apologize for commenting on race-play in one of the blog post’s many edits (see bellow), obviously it is a subject we are extremely ignorant about. We are so sorry for our tone-deaf wording, we understand that we unintentionally conveyed hurtful messages that neither of us support.

We are going to take some time to reach out to colleagues who are better educated and try to come up with a productive way to move forward. We don’t know what that will look like yet, but we actively are trying to figure out how to do so.

Again, please accept our sincere apologies for fumbling this through our ignorance and inexperience. We hear you, we fucked up, we are listening and learning and genuinely trying to do better.
-Erika and Matt

EDIT 4/6/17
Removing and editing my other edit note! x2!
Sorry and my apologies for my previous edit notes. I didn’t mean to cause so much confusion and distress anyone, wasn’t my intent! All I had wanted to do was help reiterate the warning in the comic that if you research this kink, that there are really ugly, racist examples you might encounter, but it isn’t integral to the practice of cuckolding. So many sincere apologies that I upset anyone with my ignorant notes – learning as I go!

EDIT 4/5/17
Quick Clarification! In the comic, I caution newbies about the prevalence of racist cuckold material to be found on the internet. I personally see a distinction between racism and consensual race-play. Racism is bad! Thoughtfully playing with loaded power dynamics for mutual, consensual erotic stimulation is fine! No kink-shaming here, just warning new-cuckold-interested-readers that there is legitimately shitty stuff out there that isn’t integral to cuckolding so it’s not a surprise when it pops up!

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