Guys, I love Condoms, and I realllly want you to love them too.

If you’re still feeling uneducated and want to learn more about condoms, head over to Planned Parenthood.

The Condoms I listed in the comic are:
Sir Richards Ultra Thin
LifeStyles Skyn
Beyond Seven Ultra Thin

Those are just fast single links, but you can pick up the condoms at pretty much all our favorite stores. Check our our affiliated friends stores, and give them a search!

Condoms from our Friends (with Benefits =)

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Other condoms that I’ve tried and likes but didn’t make it past our comic editing process:

One Zero thin Condoms
– circular packets!
– Ethical choice! Purchases supports HIV/AIDS efforts in Africa
– nice shape: comfortable to wear

Durex extra sensitive
– dead simple.
– My old European easy-to-find choice

Kimono Microthin
– Super thin!
– a bit tight

Erika also did another comic about putting on condoms for Cards Against Humanity, which you can read here!